About Us

Fabrika Production; has been established by Oner Arslaner in 21st of August 2015. The production company has an innovative approach and aims to produce films, tv shows for the tv and the digital platform that has new interesting content.

Oner Arslaner who is the founder of Fabrika Production, has worked between the years of 2003-2010 as an executive producer in many of the critically acclaimed movies of Turkish cinema, Such as; Hababam Sınıfı Askerde, Hababam Sınıfı 3.5, Maskeli Beşler; Irak, Avanak Kuzenler, Ayakta Kal, Sınav, Kabadayı, A.R.O.G., Nefes Vatan Sağolsun.

The projects we have produced;

  • “Real Estate Express” with Hakan Ural (Haberturk, 2015)
  • “Seytan-i Racim 2” Film (2015)
  • “4N1K” Film (2017)
  • “Blood Brothers” (Fox tv, 2017)
  • “4N1K 2” Film (2018)
  • “4N1K First Love” Tv Show (Fox tv, 2018)


  • “Kulahta Erimis Dolunay” is a teen drama which has been prepared for the digital platform. We aim to create a compelling mysterious tv show that is in terms of the content and the production methods beyond the accustomed Turkish television.
  • We are working on three films in three different genres which are classic yet have a modern touch of our perspective. The films are set to be romantic comedy, romantic drama and a comedy. We aim to portray the Turkish culture in an interesting and an entertaining format.

Öner Arslanel


Ali Leskay

General Coordinator

Büşra Yılmaz

Project Design

Ahmet Demircan

Executive Producer